Serving Our Clients

Tolar Capitol Partners, Inc. has the experience and relationships to help our clients take advantage of opportunities in the government affairs arena. Our work with the Georgia General Assembly, the Executive Branch, and numerous regulatory agencies offers our clients a variety of professional services, including:

Provide Advocacy: We have a very successful list of legislation victories, both in passing new laws and defeating bad policy efforts. These activities helped advance business and property rights issues at the State Capitol.

Develop Strategy : We work with clients to define and shape their government relations goals, define success, and create a plan to help achieve their goals.

Client Communication: We maintain contact with our clients on critical issues and provide detailed information regarding legislative and regulatory opportunities. These can be designed for a set schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Organization Representation: We spent over two decades leading one of Georgia’s largest trade organizations. We are committed to building relationships and sharing information during presentations, in workgroups, at regulatory hearings, and crafting testimony. We can stand with you or speak for you in these settings.