Capitol Partners, Inc.

State Legislation and Regulation


Successful legislative and regulatory advocacy is as much about anticipating opportunities as it is the ability to respond immediately to unforeseen events and issues.  Our experience keeps you in the right position.

Rural Initiatives and the Environment


Rural communities and the environment go hand-in-hand. Our work to shape water planning initiatives, provide rural infrastructure, and push for workforce options, are key to enhancing stewardship and success for these vital regions.

Federal Leaders, Policies and Programs


With the right partnerships in the halls of Congress, among federal agencies, and alongside key industry associations, we help our clients build and maintain relationships to address and advance federal issues.

Experience & Results Matter


Tolar Capitol Partners, Inc. brings over 25 years of governmental and political affairs experience to best serve our clients. We have a long list of legislative and regulatory successes while leading in the government affairs arena. This experience generates real results.

State & Federal Relationships

Senate Agriculture Chair John Wilkinson, Bryan Tolar, and House Agriculture Chair Tom McCall.

Elected leaders depend on trustworthy, informed, and engaged industry leaders. Our record of service with key state leaders has provided a long list of benefits for agriculture, forestry, rural economies and the environment. We put these relationships to work for our clients.

Environmental Stewardship


Georgia is blessed with generous natural resources that benefit our growing population and greatest economic engines of agriculture and forestry. We are pleased to advance environmental stewardship while providing for an even stronger economic future. Georgia’s sustainability depends on it.

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We are proud to serve a wide range of agriculture, forestry, and business interests statewide.

Government plays a key role in how we do business. Your voice in these critical discussions can make or break your future opportunities. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will look at what you need and how we can help you get there. Thank you. 

Bryan Tolar, Principal

Tolar Capitol Partners, Inc.

Proud member of: Georgia Chamber of Commerce Georgia Conservancy Georgia Forestry Association Georgia Plant Food Educational Society Georgia Professional Lobbyist Association Georgia Urban Agriculture Council